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We blinked and technology sped up everything! Including the expectation for up to the minute data, real time cash flow and current progress reporting in the world of stakeholder investment. And why shouldn't they have access to the most current information all the time? The data exists to answer their questions, right?

Technology has recently opened a rushing river of data and it's messy. Spreadsheets here, project timelines there, daily revenue changes and dynamic expenses, inflation, material cost fluctuations, supply chain issues, financial rate changes, varied data formats to contend with and more. 

Public education is right in the middle of the mess. There is too much data to consider when answering complex questions. Quick and informed answers take time. Or do they?

Is it time to start swimming upstream in the area of supportive educational learning environments? We think it is!

Our following solution offers an information hub for all things funded by stakeholders. 

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