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Product Brochure

Conditions™ Airport


Corvado Conditions™ Airport extends our Corvado Conditions™ Core app to provide airport specific functionality. The hierarchical relationship management of locations and assets is customized to support airport facilities. This app improves airport operations by managing and reporting on terminals, gates, jetways and other airport specific data.


Location-Centric Assets

Organize your locations and assets based on hierarchical relationships specific to airport facilities

Dashboards & Reporting

Leverage audience specific dashboards and reporting for the various airport stakeholders

Product Overview

  • What is Conditions™ Core?
    The Corvado Conditions™ Core app provides hierarchical relationship management of locations which includes Organizations, Sites, Buildings, Floors/Levels, Spaces and Areas. These customer defined assets provide a solid foundation for operational efficiency. Our app delivers a single source of truth, access to real-time data, enabling key stakeholders to make informed business decisions. In ever-growing enterprise organizations the need to aggregate assets for the organization is necessary. The Corvado Conditions™ Core app solves that problem by establishing the organization and the related assets and locations.
  • Industries
    Transit Commercial Aviation Healthcare Cultural Government Education Utilities
  • Standard Conditions™ Platform Benefits?
    Cloud-based solution on a secure and reliable infrastructure Real-time data and single source of truth Compliance and accountability built-in to enforce standards Highly flexible and customizable Web and mobile-friendly functionality Modern and intuitive user interface Robust user security and access management Extensible to external users/partners via community access Mobile app optimized for Android and iOS devices ISO27001/27017, DoD IL2/IL4, NIST SP 800-171, Disaster Recovery & BCP, TRUSTe Certified


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