Professional Services

People to help you succeed in meeting your goals

Project Data Coordination

For new capital projects, we provide data coordination professionals that as as a clearing-house for project data. They ensure accurate, coordinated data capture and data management. In addition the data coordinator provides system administration & operations support over the duration of the project.

Existing Building Inventory

Need assistance with your building inventory? Our building technicians can supplement your staff or fully perform inventory of your buildings. our inventory services ensure your building systems are fully documented. We’ll capture photos, name plate data, manuals and any other available data.


Managed Services and Administration

Corvado’s support services include different plans so you can select the level of service that’s right for your organization. All of our plans are designed to accelerate user adoption and increase productivity.


Implementation Services

our implementation services team provides assistance to help you get up and running as quickly as possible. Implementation services performs customizations, integrations, configurations and administration services and training for clients.

Consulting & Custom Application Development

Our advisory services team’s deep expertise translates into technology enabled business solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible, giving our clients a competitive advantage that drives bottom-line results and top-line growth.