Corvado Conditions™

The Building Life Cycle Management Platform

The Application Platform Approach

Say hello to one, all-encompassing, completely open, Building Information Platform. Conditions uses technology to intuitively  and naturally drive more efficient business processes to accelerate the time-to-value of data for your capital improvement projects. Not just during one or two phases of your building’s lifecycle, but throughout its entire lifecycle, from scoping to design, construction to O&M.

Our application platform approach helps clients:

  • Improve capital improvement project collaboration effectiveness by 25%
  • Improve the quality and usefulness of design & construction generated data for FM/O&M
  • Have real estate portfolio data at their fingertips… anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • Inventory existing buildings and infrastructures up to 10 times faster
  • Perform condition assessments up to 10 times faster
  • Optimize repair and maintenance spending
  • Have confidence in their capital improvement decisions

Powerful APIs and built-in integration tools make Conditions the ideal choice for centralizing all of your existing building-related data systems. And the ideal platform on which to build a connected, smart building. faster to connect with customers, employees, partners and the next generation of devices and apps.