We Solve the Unique Challenges of Airport Construction Projects - Uniquely.

Conditions™  is Corvado’s Airport-Cloud. It automates and optimizes all of the key processes needed to deliver a successful airport capital improvement operation.

During Planning


Translate your organizations needs into facility needs more easily.

Collaborate on drawing reviews, requirements, budget, funding and schedule development. Capture important preliminary details around space needs, sustainability goals and logistical needs.


Select the right option more quickly.

Quickly collect and process feedback on key site, utility and building relationships; preliminary space requirements, features and building systems needs; seismic, accessibility, environmental, architectural, and hazmat issues.


Detailed programming with optimal buy-in.

Quickly and easily discuss and make decisions on site constraints and impacts; design guidelines; layouts & stacking plans; systems needs; preliminary budgets and schedules;

During Design


Schematic Design

Get to 100% SD documents faster and with more confidence.

Collaborate  on outcome expectations. Ensure all stakeholders have the right information to make the best, informed decisions possible to deliver more accurate scope, schedule and budget parameters.

Design Development

Capture the most important elements at the best time.

Collaborate with stakeholders and deliver the best data model for equipment and fire protection; mechanical, electrical, structural, telecom and plumbing systems. Drawings, BIM files and other data, all in context.


Construction Documents

Highly coordinated contract docs, drawings and specifications.

Collaboration around constructability and drawing coordination is streamlined. Quickly identify and resolve conflicts, expedite the review process and move on construction approval swiftly.


During Construction


Permitting & Mobilization

Optimize Communications

  • Track and manage the permitting process
  • Optimize mobilization
  • Collaborate with all of the stakeholders
  • Quickly respond to and resolve issues


Working Conditions Compliance

Easily guide contractors through the myriad of security and safety regulations and processes. Automate the crucial processes to which contractors must adhere, such as utility shutdowns, roof access, stock materials, hot work, etc.


Deliver the highest quality construction data

Handover begins when your project starts. O&M manuals, specs, Preventative Maintenance data, commissioning data and more, all in context, linked directly to asset records in a single database – ready for upload to your CMMS or EAM system.


Stringent Project Controls

Best practice processes for project oversight, data collection & reporting culminate in a seamless closeout process where punch lists, QA/AC, Surveys and lessons learned become simple checklist events and not exercises.

Operations & Maintenance

Capital Planning

Condition Assessments -Better | Faster | Less Expensive

Perform condition assessments with ease. Capture assessment data at the point of inspection from your mobile phone or tablet and record notes, photos and condition information real time in the cloud.

Preventative Maintenance

Simplify your PM operations

Use our basic PM module for routine work order tracking or for more advanced PM functions,  we have partnered with AssetOptics to bring best practice maintenance operations to your team. Built on the same technology stack, the integration and interface is seamless.


Better historical performance tracking

Capture all of your commissioning data, automatically compare it to the manufacturers specifications, track historical trends and use the data as a basis for corrective actions.


Informed. Empowered. In Control.

Building systems determine how well buildings meet their intended purpose. A key problem is that far too often, teams lack the communication, data and time necessary to ensure optimal design, operation and maintenance of these systems. Conditions leverages technology to solve this problem.

    • Data capture over the life cycle
    • Informed decisions
    • Improved building quality and performance
    • Reduced risk
    • Seamless closeout/handover
    • Streamlined capital planning

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