The Next Level of Capital Improvement Planning and Execution

    • Process Automation
    • Document Management
    • Construction Handover
    • Environmental Monitoring & Notifications
    • Condition Assessments & Capital Planning

The Conditions™ platform from Corvado.

Flexible Platform

Our platform offers the most flexibility in the industry. Full customization & powerful integration capabilities, translate into custom tailored solutions.

Built-in role-based access lets you control which data each user can access at any level in the application. Configurable page layouts including custom sections, field positions, required fields, etc.

Custom fields for data capture. Existing core fields may be disabled or removed and new ones added, making for an entirely custom experience.

Visually automate virtually any project delivery process — from approvals, to document & request routing, to generating a report, to on-boarding new team members, and more.

Add additional business logic, create new triggers, and controllers – all in the user interface. Our Visual Workflow lets you leverage advanced business logic for you project.

Drag and drop to create personalized reports and dashboards by company, role, and individual.

Show key building metrics in real time and easily drill down for additional detail. Then share insights via social feeds and across mobile devices.

New APIs and built-in tools make it easier than ever to connect with 3rd party apps, customers, employees, partners and devices. Designed API first, the Platform lets you integrate faster.

Data level APIs allow for integration with 3rd party and back-office systems, like program management, accounting and CMMS.

Experience the most secure, reliable, and trusted enterprise cloud platform. Focus on your building project, not downtime.

Real-time redundancy including multiple data centers with real-time replication. Our systems are available 24x7x365.

Data Capture

Model your buildings’ systems during design and then, fill-in the details in real-time over the construction phase. Conditions is the best way to maintain high-quality, accurate data in a single location.


Handover begins when your project starts. O&M manuals, specs, Preventative Maintenance data, commissioning data and more, all in context, linked directly to systems records in a single database.


The data you need for capital renewal planning, and repair & maintenance – where you need it, when you need it. Manage & perform condition assessments, inspections, and recommissioning with ease and accuracy.

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