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Airport Construction Projects Are Unique. Shouldn't your Software be?

Lean Flows for IPD



Using Integrated Project Delivery? Realize the power of Lean Information Flows.

Solve IPD’s inherent information overload by optimizing information delivery – in context, to the right people at the right time. Stop wasting valuable time and money searching for information.

Construction Handover

Does your handover still involve discs, binders and silos?

It’s time to step-up to Corvado’s Airport Solution. Capture life cycle data in the earliest stages of your project and make handover a snap with a single, comprehensive database that helps FM take ownership on day-one.

Data Integration

Facility & Project data is everything. Our strategy is to take a holistic approach.

The Airport Cloud integrates with leading ERP, CMMS, EAM and even BIM systems to deliver one version of the truth and embed it into your business processes from planning through operations.

Requirements Process Management

Stakeholder & Contractor Engagement

Staff Process Automation

Working Conditions Compliance

Airport Construction Projects are Unique.

The special circumstances inherent to working at airports (especially airside) result in production costs that are much higher than those of construction projects “outside” airports.

More than 50 percent of the cost escalation in airport construction projects results from changes made to the design / specifications well after the planning phase is completed. This is just one of the areas where Conditions™ process automation & collaboration come together to solve airport-specific challenged by providing the crucial framework for pooling & coordinating stakeholders’ sometimes conflicting demands and transforming them into optimal, realistic requirements that prioritize needs over wants.

Since all contractors are connected directly into the project work streams, handover of all of the contractors’ asset data is performed electronically with fully, COBIE-compliant asset records, ready to be easily uploaded into CMMS and EAM systems.

Although the contractor should be in charge of driving the construction and coordinating the efforts, the airport needs to have resident awareness, knowledge and access to information about the facilities and the execution of present and past construction projects. Powerful document management & control capabilities provide staff with fingertip access to drawings/as-builts and all other relevant airport facility and project data, even utility connection data for mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems. And since the Airport Cloud is mobile, staff can alway capture project and contractor performance data on-the-go in realtime, including progress photos, surveys, evaluations and field reports.

Our Airport Cloud makes it easy for airports to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of their operations by automating the myriad of processes to which contractors must adhere, such as utility shutdowns, roof access, stock materials, and more.

Conditions™ also provides staff with the insight required to more optimally plan for optimizing contractor workflows so they can make better decisions for example on optimal locations for restroom, dressing room, and lunch facilities to minimize passes through security checks or limiting coordination with airport security by knowing how to more effectively seal off areas temporarily without adversely impacting airport operations.

Using The Airport Cloud, Airport Operators better coordinate contractor workflows, reduce lead time and  substantially reduce production costs.

Corvado uniquely solves the Airport-Specific challenges that come along with construction projects by facilitating and automating all of the critical project processes needed to successfully deliver a World-Class Capital Improvement Program.

From planning, through execution and handover, the Airport Cloud provides all of the tools necessary for Airport Operators to monitor and control construction projects in a manner that’s uniquely Airport.

The key to a successful project outcome is to integrate the airport-­specific knowledge resident in its staff with the experience held by the contractor. The Airport Cloud facilitates this by allowing staff to collaborate with contractors and other stakeholders during the entire project life cycle, including the planning phase where the specifications still can be changed. When Airports use the Airport Cloud to involve contractors and other stakeholders at the stage where functional specifications are defined, the risk and cost to the airport are significantly reduced.

Additionally, the time necessary for project planning and construction can be reduced, and greater risk will be borne by the contractor because it signed off on the technical specifications.

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